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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Driver's License for Illegal Aliens

The issue of illegal immigration spawns some total absurdity on the part of our government that the youngest of children would find ridiculous. A most glaring example of this is the "compromise" worked out between the Dept. Of Homeland Security and the Governor of NY, Eliot Spitzer.

Under the compromise, New York will produce an "enhanced driver's license" that will be as secure as a passport. It is intended for people who soon will need to meet such ID requirements, even for a short drive to Canada.

A second version of the license will meet new federal standards of the Real ID Act. That law is designed to make it much harder for illegal immigrants or would-be terrorists to obtain licenses.

A third type of license will be available to undocumented immigrants. Spitzer has said this ID will make the state more secure by bringing those people "out of the shadows" and into American society, and will lower auto insurance rates.
The obvious question here is if we are going to give people who are here illegally an official document that is specifically different than everyone else's we then don't we just send them back? The answer should be obvious also, it is because the politicians don't want to send them back. They want to buy the votes of illegals who will soon enough get the right to vote just as the politicians are giving them the right to drive. The motor voter law was crafted with this kind of nonsense in mind. If anyone is fool enough to believe the intentions are honorable one need only look deeper into what is going on with these "secure" licenses.

The administration has not finalized standards for Real ID-compliant driver's licenses. Spitzer said he believed the new licenses would meet those standards or come very close.

Many states say it is too expensive to comply with the law; seven of them have passed legislation opposing Real ID. Neither the governor nor Chertoff would say how much it would cost to put the system in place or who would pay for it.

How pray tell does one comply with a law that has no standard? Well, one just makes it up as one goes along. By the time the government agencies get done with these standards the damage will be done. Citizen's will be marginalized and their rights conferred to people who scoff at our laws. I'm not just talking about politicians who have little regard for any principle that interferes with their acquisition and exercise of power but people who break the law to come here.

As for who will pay for it, that should be obvious, it is you and I. The citizens who are seeing their rights and their country's sovereignty erode daily by the very people elected to represent THEM are merely the sheep to be fleeced by those same representatives to finance the various vote buying schemes they concoct to stay in office. Try and not pay those taxes and one will see government at its most efficient and strictly legal exercise of its power.

GOP Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds, who represents the Buffalo suburbs, said he fears that Spitzer "is taking this state down a risky path" by giving any kind of license to illegal immigrants.



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