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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Welcome to California, Abandon Hope All Who Enter

If one is curious as to how America will be under Democrat control one need only look at California. The signing of SB 777 and AB394 institute an era of indoctrination of public school students into the homosexual lifestyle. No longer can textbooks Refer to Mom and Dad or Husband and Wife. All forms of "gender" must be treated as equal contrary to the wishes of Californian citizens who expressed a desire to protect traditional marriage. Undeterred by the will of the people the government of California has passed these laws that make it a crime to express any preference that does not include the acceptance of even the most deviant forms of homosexuality. What transpired at the Fulsom Street Fair will be protected against criticism by the force of law. To see images of the Fair you can go to Here if you dare. I warn you it IS pornographic.

The Campaign for Children and Families has an analisys.

The lines are more clearly being drawn. Any who are on the side of traditional morality are the targets of the hedonist culture. As with the Islamo fascists the Hedonists will tolerate only complete acceptance. Less than that will be punished with the force of government coercion. Look at California for a vision of Democrat America.


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