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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Congress is Full of Patriots

Back in high school when it was so important to be cool there was always some dork who was ready to tell anyone and everyone just how cool he was. Later in life one could encounter a similar scene where some insecure snob would "casually" refer to the designer shoes or the logo on the key chain. In all this the undeniable fact is that everyone knew these people smelled like a deli because they were full of bologna.

Now we have politicians competing to convince us that they are full of patriotism, faith or endowed with the spirit of Ronald Reagan Their problem is their actions speak louder than their words. Democrats bristle their chicken feathers defending their support for the troops while they stumble over each other to cut off the money needed for that support. Republicans claim the mantle of Reagan while packing on the pork. More irritating is the practice of claiming respect for another person just before tearing apart their character such as the recent visit of Gen. Patraeus to the senate or the puffing over the blatant misrepresentation of comments by Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. When it comes to virtues such as patriotism, faith or responsibility just as with the more mundane issue of social status, if one has to say it, then more than likely one doesn't have it.

A friend once described the difference between Middleburg, VA where all the horsey people live and Warrenton, VA just down the road where the rest of the horse farms are. He told me that one goes to a party in Middleburg where people stand around and talk about how wealthy they are but they serve cheap liquor. At a party in Warrenton, people stand around complaining about how poor they are but they serve the best liquor.

Normal people need not be told who supports the troops or who is looking out for the nation's interests. The problem is finding anyone in office who isn't more interested in their own power and prestige. They are chanting all the right words but they are serving us rot gut.


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