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Friday, August 17, 2007

Let's All Move to Canada

One hears liberals yammering about how wonderful Canada is. One American who moved there recently was quoted by ABC news reporter Marcus Baram in his article O, Canada! More Americans Heading North saying:

"I wanted a country that respected my human rights and the rights of others," he says. "We joked about it after Bush won re-election, but it took us a while to go through the application."

Well if you are gay that may be the case but if you are a Christian it's another story.

Mennonites May Flee Quebec Town
Andy Riga, CanWest News Service, with files from Marianne White
Published: Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Mennonite community in Roxton Falls, Quebec are being threatened with having their children taken from them if they don't teach them what the state mandates.

For the school to be legal, the teacher would have to be certified and Quebec's official curriculum would have be taught.

"To do that, we would have to send teachers to schools we don't want to send our children to," Mr. Goossen said.

Community members disapprove of other schools because "we don't agree with the emphasis
on evolution, which we consider false; we don't like the morality standards; and we don't like the acceptance of alternative lifestyles," he said.

What a great bastion of respect for human rights, eh? I suppose it matters who's ox is being gored. As with all liberals tolerance is a one way street.


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Blogger Ken said...

What a disgrace this story! Canada is an intolerant country to Christians. Well, make that even agnostics that aren't very liberal.

7:14 PM  

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