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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tucker's Most Excellent Day

One momentary lapse and through the back door of the feed room goes the Big White Dog. How could I be so stupid? It's like a sixth sense to him. It doesn't matter where he is in the yard, if a way is left for escape he is there like a flash and gone. Calling him or even trying to bribe him with promises of treats only cements his resolve to make good his escape. Not that he doesn't hear or understand. No, he will stop and look right at me before he bolts through the fence.

Into capture mode. Mary and I jump into the car and scoot out to the main road. She drops me at the bridge to intercept him if he tries to cross, meanwhile she drives the roads around the farm. With no immediate luck I start to follow the creek and Mary goes back to the house to wait for a neighbor to call. Another half hour and I'm calling it quits. It's hurry up and wait time. As I get back to the bridge my cell phone rings. Mary has got him and is coming to pick me up. Thank goodness for that because I'm beat.

When Mary arrives she's frantic. " Get in quick. I left the pork roast on the counter!"

As we dash to the kitchen door we can see through the window that Tucker is just lapping up the last bit of goodness from the remnants of what was a delicious treat. A most excellent day.


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