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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Carefully Crafted Plan

Mary went to her pottery class in Manassas, I would later meet her at my Mother's house for lunch. In the meantime I planned to let the horses into the barn for the day and mow the lawn along our long driveway. Both of these activities involves opening the gates. Not wishing to be delayed by a Tucker escape I formed a plan to accomplish these chores without him knowing I was going out.

Normally I just let him come with me and he is OK with not wandering or trying to escape. But I normally have Mary to help and don't have someplace I need to be right away. Tucker has shown an uncanny ability to judge when we are scheduled to be someplace, then thwarting any effort to be on time by going on a walkabout. When we do leave we lock the door and slip out by going down to the basement to exit out the back. He is wise to this and immediately begins to look for us to leave if we just open the basement door. All this is necessary because he can open the door on the porch and let himself in and out at will.

Tucker was sound asleep in the bathroom. I opened the door to the basement and just left it open while I went back to putting around the kitchen. He never flinched. I went out and opened the front gate so when I was ready to mow I could start the mower and be out before Tucker could come out of the house. I went back in and he had not moved. The horses came up so I snuck out again figuring I could let them in and then get on the mower. All was looking good . I was at the barn and no Tucker. I opened the gate the horses came in. I closed the gate and turned to find the Big White Dog was watching me from the barn door. He seemed content to lye in the shade of the barn so I made my move to hop on the mower and get out the open gate before he realized it was open. No luck as soon as I got to the mower he was right there with me. Slowly I walked to the gate to close it before he took a mind to dash out. As I write this he is at the door. Plan B to leave will be hatched soon.

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Anonymous old 'n Cranky said...

I can understand his motivation - he's heard Thompsons hat is in the ring and he *really* wants to dig up support before all the moneys gone.... not to mention canvas the voters.

4:38 PM  

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