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Monday, June 05, 2006

Day 12 Forty Day ‘Pray for Iran’ Campaign.

Drug addiction is a scourge in all nations. It steals the addict's health, wealth, family, friends, hope and life. It does it slowly at first so the addict no longer has a sense of the loss until it is to late. Iran suffers more than many nations because of it's neighbor Afghanistan and Islamist terror's reliance on drug trade to finance its war on humanity. God's Son offers hope through His Spirit.

Can we unite in prayer today and plead for the Lord to have mercy and reverse this problem that is ravaging families in Iran?

* Pray that government authorities will stop the flow of drugs into Iran. Pray against all groups and organizations that are making money on the suffering of people. Pray against all corruption that makes drugs easily available.
* Pray for all addicts who long to be free. Pray they will have a special revelation of Jesus’ love and power on the cross. Pray that the Lord will raise up an army of Spirit-led Christians in Iran who will seek out addicts and offer the hope of the Gospel.
* Pray for the family members of addicts. Pray for God’s comfort to pour in. Pray that these families will call out to Jesus and feel His touch, just as the leper did.
* Pray for the many young people who even today may be tempted to try heroin for the first time. Pray the Holy Spirit will speak directly to their hearts, warning them. Pray they will know that it is only Jesus who can meet the deepest needs of their hearts.

Thank you for praying.



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