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Thursday, June 01, 2006

ACLU Sues Over Sex-Offender Ban

The ACLU can find no individual too repugnant who's behavior they won't defend. In Indianapolis they are suing the city on the part of six child rapists who feel the ban on them going within 1000 feet of a place where children congregate is too restrictive. The child rapists complain the rule makes it difficult to move about. Duh! This is more evidence that child rapists do not need to be granted even this much liberty and the ACLU is as twisted as the child rapists. The big problem is not so much the ACLU defending child rapists as it is the stupid judges we have that entertain such non sense.

If they keep it up maybe we can get the death penalty for child rapists. Let the ACLU try to spring them from death row. Then at least if they are successful the child rapists are still in jail


Anonymous Old 'n Cranky said...

...maybe we can get the death penalty ...

Some may think me horrid but there is a lot to be said for public impalement on the village green.

4:54 PM  

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