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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day 7 Forty Day ‘Pray for Iran’ Campaign.

A famous Iranian proverb says: ‘If you want to learn the truth, listen to children.’

We can learn much about Iran by looking at the children of Iran. Nearly 40% of Iran’s population is under the age of 18 – that is about 28 million children. According to Iran’s own Ministry of Health, over two million of these children suffer from depression - a staggering statistic that speaks much of the ills of the nation.

All born after the Islamic revolution, they have been brought up under the strict Islamic regime. Virtually all of them have never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and to learn about the Jesus who welcomed children into His presence.

Unless the Lord in His mercy touches and transforms the nation of Iran, the future for 28 million children in Iran is bleak. Millions of innocent children are being brought up in homes ravaged by the effects of drug addiction, abused mothers and very unhappy marriages. In addition, the economic future is grim with unemployment for 15-29 year olds expected to reach 50%.

Never before has a new generation of Iranians been so open to hearing and learning about Jesus. If somehow every child in Iran could learn of the love of Christ and be told the story of the cross, then Iran could be just one generation away from becoming a Christian nation.

Can we pray with such faith today for the children of Iran?

* Let us pray that millions and millions of Iranian children will be reached with the compelling love of Christ in the next five years.

* Pray that God will raise many workers and visionaries who will be used to proclaim the Gospel to this generation of young Iranians.

* There are currently less than 10 Christian children’s books available in Persian and there is a desperate need for more. Pray for projects going on now to develop more books and materials to help reach and disciple Iranian children.

Thanks again for praying.



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