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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Day 8 Forty Day ‘Pray for Iran’ Campaign.

Today we want to pray for Iran’s massive student population – the men and women who will soon shape the character of Iran. There are approximately two million students pursuing degrees in over 100 Iranian universities. Over 50% of them are female.

In July 1999 there was a mass student protest against the government, and when the authorities cracked down on them, at least five students were killed and many were injured or imprisoned. Since that time there has been a distinct tension between students and the authorities.

Just last week over 2,000 students protested on the campus of Tehran University and the College of Law and Political Science over the sacking of five teachers and expulsion of 18 students. There were also bitter complaints against police intrusion in the universities. Political chants such as, ‘Leave Palestine to itself, think about us,’ and ‘We don’t want nuclear energy’ were also heard.

Iranian students have known nothing apart from the Islamic regime and the vast majority wants freedom. Their great concern is that the religious political system in Iran and the weak economy means that it is extremely difficult to build a decent life. So most would describe themselves as without hope for the future and they are hungry for change.

So let us now join in prayer for the students in Iran:

* Pray that the current student unrest does not result in the loss of life. Pray for the police authorities responsible for the university campuses. Pray that they will restrain from violence in response to student protests.
* Pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to the students and reveal the hope found only in Jesus Christ. Pray for a spiritual revival amongst students. And pray that the Lord will put His hand on the key leaders of the future in a supernatural way.
* Pray that students longing for more freedom will also think about people’s need for religious freedom. Pray they will experience the inner freedom that only Christ gives.

We are deeply grateful for your continued prayers.



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