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Monday, May 15, 2006

Reation to the President's Speech

My initial reaction to the President's speech is not very different from my expectations. No real surprise. There was talk of National Guard going to the border. He offered 6000 troops that will likely be standing around with little to do such as was the case in Bosnia. His promise to secure the border with walls and technology will take eons of time to get to since Congress will haggle for ever and stuff the thing with needless pork but that is the way it is. The increase in border patrol agents and detention facilities will only work if his promise to end catch and release. That remains to be seen.

As for the guest worker portion, that I could live with if the border was already secure, but since this aspect does not require the huge infrastructure cost of a wall and high tech surveillance Congress will likely run this through long before they get to building a fence. Guest workers could easily be pandered to for political purposes so one can expect the politicians to be enthusiastic on this provision.

As expected he wants amnesty. Sure he has all kinds of conditions like a long job history and paying fines and taxes, but this leaves a big hole in the logic, specifically if an illegal immigrant cannot be employed how is one going to justify such a record if there isn't some amnesty involved? The reality is we will be offering the illegal immigrant a work permit until he has satisfied the other obligations spelled out in the law for them to become citizens. In other words we give them amnesty for their past of violating the work laws, and we forgive the employer for hiring the illegal immigrant just because the worker has applied for citizenship. Describe this any way you choose it is amnesty.

Finally he made learning English a requirement without making it the official language. We can expect that the bilingual non sense will not abate one bit until this happens.

No real surprises meets small expectations in this speech. We citizens must continue to press the legislature to look out for the interests of the citizens it represents. Send a brick, an e-mail, a phone call, a nasty gram but don't stop until they listen or we replace them.


Anonymous old 'n Cranky said...

Seems to me that if we just stopped shilly-shallying around and enforced the laws that are already on the books we could ratchet the problem down to manageable proportions.

Of course that would require an act of will, which is *very* complicated because it is made up of two components; "will" and "action" both of which are in exceedingly short supply in Washington these days. In fact the only thing in shorter supply is "leadership."

9:42 PM  
Anonymous John said...


I looked up your name on google for a friend of mine that went to school with you in the old days. His name is Dave Low. Had to comment on this one which is near and dear to me. Yes, enforce the laws on the books before we make new ones. I do not have an answer for the masses that are breaking the law by illegally crossing the border. Middle and upper class a,erican citizens are included by hiring them. All I know is that in my industry, the nursery and landscape industry, young americans are too whimpy to do the work in the field to plant, shear, cut or dig, load and unload trees. There are exceptions to be sure. I know of only one. A friend in the north of WI who is so dynamic he can inspire, teach, motivate and if neccessary, kick ass. His crew is all white young men and women with a hand full of trusted foremen. No one else I know has the energy to run their tree business and be dad, teacher, chearleader, etc. No answers, but if one can't do one's own landscaping (and I can), better think twice about alienating all aliens. How about educating our people? Part of it could be teching children how to work.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Xyba said...

I remember Dave Low. E.B. Wood JHS Rockville, Md My family moved from there to Virginia in 1971.

9:47 PM  

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