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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bush May SendNational Guard Patrols to Border

Better get the boots on the political season is opening up with early vote buying non sense. Reports that President Bush will send National Guard troops to the border are circulating in anticipation of his immigration speech tomorrow. No one confirmation so far from the White House. It could be they want to save the news for the speech, but my feelings are any announcement that troops are going to the border will be nothing more than cover for the amnesty crowd. The way Senators Graham and Reid are talking it sounds like the fix is in the works.

What has the President and the Senate all worked up is the House is not interested in anything other than securing the border and stopping the hiring of illegal immigrants. So to throw a bone to the majority of citizens who want the existing laws enforced and the border fenced the Amnesty folks have devised a carrot on a stick with the possibility of troop deployment on the border.

There are big problems with using National Guard troops however. The Guard is the primary force used to respond to emergencies. Hurricane season is just around the corner. By the time congress gets around to doing anything the Guard will be deployed elsewhere. If the congress passes any kind of amnesty the flood gates will open wide on the border and any number of humans will be insufficient to stem the flow. Just since the talk of amnesty began the numbers coming across have increased as much as ten fold.

The President will call it Guest worker, temporary worker, path to citizenship or effort to bring them out from the shadows, but call it what he will it remains amnesty for people who broke our laws and the reward is citizenship. . When seventy percent of the citizens do not favor amnesty then what is the motivation for our senators to pursue it anyway? Form the enthusiasm for amnesty and the willingness to deceive the citizens one has to wonder which nation these people were elected to represent

I'm going to listen to the speech Monday night but I'm anticipating the strong sent of the deli from all the bologna.

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Anonymous brokengun said...

As far as the Senate goes, we need less leadership and more representation. Some of these guys have been there far too long and have developed the notion that they know what's best, so they're trying to lead us around by the nose. "The Caboose is pullin' the train!", to quote a former presidential candidate.

10:42 PM  
Blogger f mcdonald said...

I am afraid you are right about the bologna. Many of us have stood by President Bush through thick and thin but this issue is one of law vs lawlessness.

If we can grant amnesty (for crimes against our immigration laws) to illegals and their employers why shouldn't we in fairness examine each and every non-violent felony conviction of our own citizens and overturn them returning their right to vote and other privileges of citizenship?

11:39 PM  

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