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Friday, May 19, 2006

More Non Sense Comes Out of Ray Nagin's Mouth

Mayor Nagin has a talent for making the most asinine statements in American politics today. How could this guy have elevated himself to the executive office of a major city such as New Orleans? I could ask the same question about the members of the US Senate, but that is my next post. Seems he has rode the race card to its fullest. His rank incompetence in running the city both before and after Katrina is testament to reliance on racial animosity for his livelihood. If he had anything to offer outside of race baiting the city would not have been a swamp of lawlessness before Katrina turned it into just a swamp.

Mayor C. Ray Nagin says a victory in tomorrow's election will send a message on race that "will echo throughout America."

"This election will say in spite of American prejudice, I was able to attract votes from all races and classes and move forward with the process of healing," said Mr. Nagin, who has hinted that whites locally and nationally are working to unseat him from the post, which blacks have held for nearly 30 years.

How he can spout such non sense is beyond credulity. He won the last election with 85% of the white vote, yet he carps about American prejudice. What a jerk. If he is elected tomorrow the only thing it would say is New Orleans deserves to be a swamp.



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