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Sunday, May 21, 2006

GOP's Strategy, Win Election

The Republicans are banking on winning the midterm elections to get their agenda back on track. Problem is it's their agenda that has got them into this mess. Hoping for the war to produce some good news is not a strategy. Ignoring the desire of 80% of the citizens for a secure border before any guest worker program or other form of amnesty is a bad strategy.

It is typical of political operatives to miss the obvious. Most of them are too concerned about what the Post is saying than what the citizens are. The press is impressed by staff shake ups because it involves people they know. But the people who count are the ones who vote and the politicians are slow to notice what they are saying because they rely so heavily on what they read in the paper. Trying to balance the editorial page punditry with the public outcry is the dance that they do when they have no core principles.

Right on the border with Mexico is the answer to their dilemma. Secure it and the voters will reward them in November. Rely on political mauvering or any form of amnesty and there will be a high price to pay.

Real Clear Politics

Update: See my take on the Democrat's plan.



Anonymous brokengun said...

Our nation's "breach" runs from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific.
Republican lawmakers had better get themselves unto the breach, or close it up, figuratively speaking, with our political dead.
Alas, as Macmorris said, "...the trompet call us to the breach; and we talk, and...do nothing: 'tis shame for us all:..."

10:31 PM  

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