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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mass. Governor Signs Mandatory Health Insurance Bill

Gov. Mitt Romney who fancies himself a Republican candidate for President has taken a major step in Massachusetts' effort to become France. Mandatory health insurance is not like mandatory auto insurance. With auto insurance one can choose not to own an automobile, or only own one for a whole family. Neither does the government subsidize auto insurance for low income , or any citizens. But mandatory health insurance, that is subsidized, and the subsidies will increase as politicians need to buy more votes. They will need to buy them because the economic situation will deteriorate. When it gets so expensive costs start dwarfing all others in the state, like France trying to end guaranteed employment, the people will not let go of the largess of subsidized health insurance. Socialism is an odd path to take to the Republican nomination.

By July 2007, everyone in Massachusetts will have to have health insurance.

Under the plan, the state will offer free or heavily subsidized coverage to poor and lower-income people.

Those who can afford insurance but still refuse to get it will face escalating tax penalties. For example, they will lose the ability to claim a personal exemption on their state tax returns. That would cost an individual about $189 and a couple filing jointly about $378.

Call it what you want it's public health care and the money must come from somewhere. The insurance companies are not going to lose money, the subsidies will grow untill a cap is placed on premiumns. Then the companies will cease doing business in the state and the state will have to fill the gap. If a simple plan such as this would work, it would have been tried already.

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Anonymous old 'n Cranky said...

Well I guesss there are at lease two ways to look at this.

One the one hand everyone will have health insurance, the downside being that they will all be qued at the door of the sole doctor practicing in the state. On the other hand we may be seeing a *very* subtle ruse to reverse the population losses suffered by Mass, in recent years - people have been leaving for a variety of reasons - now theyll have a superficially good one to move back to Mass......

12:57 PM  
Anonymous brokengun said...

Speakin' of the French, if the peasants have no bread make it mandatory that they buy some!
While we're at it let's require employers to insure their illegals. Reckon that'd dry up the northward flow.

9:29 PM  

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