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Friday, April 14, 2006

Illegal Immigration Group Fears Zionist Conspiracy

What is it about leftist groups that they all see some Zionist conspiracy? Go to any demonstration and you will find the anti Israel nitwits. Not that anti semitism is only found on the left, it seems though that the left is anti Semitic.

Latest news is from the illegal immigration group La Voz de Aztlan. These moon bats along with others such as La Raza, want to form an independent Hispanic nation out of the US Southwest. In Los Angeles they are involved in a dispute with a land owner over the use of his land by local people as a community farm. The city had taken the property through eminent domain for a waste facility. The community successfully got the city to change its plans. Since the city had no use for the property it gave neighbors a revocable permit to farm the land as a community garden. After ten years the city sold the land back to the original owner who now wants to develop the property. The locals sued in court and lost but have continued to use the court to hold off the eviction notice they receive when their permit was revoked by the city.

The background story seems to be a fairly common dispute between a community and a developer except that the community is Latino and the land owner is Jewish. In the eyes of La Voz de Aztlan this is all part of a Jewish conspiracy.

Los Angeles, Alta California- April 13, 2006 - (ACN) Not many people are aware that Los Angeles has a powerful "Jewish Mafia" that is in cahoots with the Los Angeles Police Department and many local elected politicians. This fact is becoming clear to the "campesinos" who are attempting to defend their 14 acre farm in South Central Los Angeles from the sinister Jewish land developer Ralph Horowitz.

Even the Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles, a community-based nonprofit which helped stop the city from using the land for a waste incinerator, does not see anything sinister here. When one peals back the outer layer of the illegal immigration lobby one finds other kook groups like La Voz de Aztlan, La Rasa, National Alliance for Human Rights and People for solidarity with Palestine. The anti war movement is a no starter for the tinfoil hat crown so they've glommed on to the illegal immigration movement, and they agree it's all because of the JOOOOOS!

List of Organizations that are supporting the South Central Farmers:
2 South Central Coalition
3 Labor Party Praxis
4 Dome Village
5 Food not Bombs
6 La Red Xicana Indigena
7 Brown Berets
8 International Workers of the World
9 A.N.S.W.E.R. LA
10 KPFK Radio Collective
11 International Socialist Organization (ISO)
12 Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Latino Committee
13 Christine Chavez, UFW
14 Julie Chavez, Cesar Chavez Foundation
15 L.A. Coalition to End Hunger & Homelessness
16 L.A. Food Justice Network
17 Academia Avance
18 Jefferson High School Adult School
19 East Side Cafe
20 African American Association of L.A. County Firefighters
21 South Central Alameda Neighborhood Council
22 Mujeres de Maiz
23 Los Angeles Indigenous Peoples Alliance (LAIPA)
24 Dolores Huerta Foundation
25 Latino Urban Forum
26 20th Street School in South Central L.A.
27 Allianza Indigena
28 Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamerica
29 Mexican American Political Association (MAPA)
30 Southern California Anarchist Federation (SCAF)
31 Toma Esperanza
32 Mujeres Libres
33 UCLA Family Medicine
34 Federaciones Mexicanas
35 Radical Women
36 Zack de La Rocha
37 Devon G. Pena, Ph.D. Managing Member, Pena Land Conservation and
Restoration, LLC and Professor of Anthropology,
University of Washington, Seattle
38 Unity Corps
39 USC Graduate Students
40 AD46 California State Central Committee – Fabian Nuñez
41 USC Alumni
42 Code Pink
43 La Tierra es de Todos Coalition
44 LA Coalition against Raid and in Support of Immigrant Rights
45 Mexican American Political Association (MAPA)
46 Environmental Defense
47 The Community Food Security Coalition



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