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Thursday, April 06, 2006

France on a Runaway Train

If French students put as much effort into their work as they do their protesting of the new labor law, the new law would be unnecessary. In their third day of protests managed to avoid the violence of the previous day and has emboldened the unions to declare an ultimatum. This has clearly evolved into a defining moment of crisis for France.

Social change does not come easy. The political leaders of France have belatedly acknowledged the guarantee of job security by law has stagnated the economy, exacerbated unemployment and has sapped French society of the dynamic qualities of innovation and ambition. They are left with the Hobbesian choice of rescinding a popular law resulting in demonstrations, riots and their own political demise and leaving things as they are until the economy collapses resulting in demonstrations, riots and their political demise. All their efforts may be moot if the unions make good on their threat to bring about mayhem if the law is not withdrawn in 10 days.



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