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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What is Wrong with this Picture?

I think I already knew that.

Here is a photo of a marquee at a fast food restaurant in Warrenton, VA. Ask anyone what the most frustrating aspect to fast food is and most will say it is trying to place an order with someone who doesn't speak English. So what is the manager of this restaurant thinking? If he wants to cater to the Hispanic customer he is welcome to do so, without enjoying my patronage.

Advertising that English is spoken would be unique and probably profitable. This however is insane. On Monday the illegal immigration supporters are planning a strike to demonstrate how important illegals are to our economy. I have sad news, they may be disappointed in the result. As for me I am no longer going to patronize places such as this who don't have English speaking employees. Let them find out who needs whom.



Anonymous brokengun said...

Se habla Espanol, yeah and we got fries and burgers too. I haven't been served at a fast food place where English was a first language since I stopped at the McDonald's in Bowling Green two years ago.
Now if the sign said "Gaelic spoken here" I'd become a regular.

9:41 PM  

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