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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bush helps Raise $500,000 for Steele

The Washington Times

A fundraiser for Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele headlined by President Bush amounted to one of the largest single-event moneymakers in the history of U.S. Senate campaigns in Maryland.
National and state Democratic Party officials, however, pan the Steele event as a flop.

The reason given by the Democrats for the failure on this fundraiser was because President Bush was there, more money should have been raised. Barbara Mikulski raised a similar amount with Senators Clinton, Landrieu, Boxer and Feinstein helping out.

This is a significant amount for a Republican in Maryland. It is one of the most heavily Democratic states in the US.

The real reason the democrats say this was a failure is they can't stop the success of their opponent. Just like declaring the war in Iraq a failure at every opportunity inspite of the evidence. Success is failure for the Democrats. They can only survive in an environment of turmoil.



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