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Friday, March 20, 2009

My Email to Rep Rob Wittman R-VA on the Bailout Bounuses

I am shocked that you would vote to tax the bonuses of the AIG exects. Congress gave to bailout money to the Treasury Dept with NO Stipulations on how the money was to be used. The stimulus bill protected those bonuses. No conservative could possibly justify a tax rate of 90% for any reason. There is ZERO Constitutional authority for such nonsense. I did not contact you about this issue because I thought you were clear thinking. I was sadly mistaken.

Here is his statement from his website on the bill to tax the bonuses at 90%
March 19, 2009: Congressman Wittman Statement on Return of Taxpayer Money from AIG Employees PDF Print E-mail
Washington - "I am pleased that Congress acted today to protect the American taxpayer and assure that bonuses to AIG executives will be returned. These bonuses are an absolute outrage."

"Unfortunately, in the rush to approve the stimulus package, taxpayer protections were removed that would have prevented AIG bonuses in the first place. When taxpayers are asked to bear the burden of reckless corporate behavior, the President and Congress have a moral obligation to make sure that money is spent wisely."

"I voted against the stimulus package and the bailout bills because I was deeply concerned that taxpayer money would be misused, as in the case of these bonuses. Congress has gone down a path of unprecedented spending these past few weeks that is deeply disturbing. I fear this is the first of many instances of taxpayer money being spent with no accountability or transparency."

Congressman Rob Wittman represents the First District of Virginia. He was elected to his first full term in November 2008 and serves on the Natural Resources Committee and the Armed Services Committee where he is the Ranking Member of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee.


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