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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Obama's Perfect Storm

This one-party government, led by socialists, some of whom were trained by communists (Think Frank Marshall Davis and Paul Robeson), is rushing to nationalize every conceivable venue of individual liberty and privacy. The Bill of Rights, a pillar of the Constitution, is under special assault. Speed is essential to effecting change before the electorate can discover what is happening. Talk about a new regime hitting the ground running! Deployed government interventionists are ubiquitous.

Following are examples of the leadership's evident goals.

Politicizing the census.

Adopting carbon dioxide "Cap and Trade."

Exercising total weapons control through registration of every weapon in the Attorney General's data base.

Unionizing our entire labor force by mandatory "carding."

Abridgment of freedom of speech on the radio.

Activating a Constitution Convention to re-write that document. (Delegates to the convention will of course all be "Progressives.")

Totally socializing medicine, placing each person's personal data in a national automated data base and allowing bureaucrats, not doctors, to schedule appointments.

Accommodating illegal aliens, Islam's Sharia law, and persecution of Christians.

Annulling individual property rights and business contracts.

Taxing gasoline by the mile instead of the gallon.

Murdering the infirm and the unborn.

Emasculating our under-strength, incompletely structured and disrespected armed forces, underfunded for modernization, repair and maintenance of combat-stressed materiel, underfunded for advanced research and development, and subject to social engineering.

Assuring our creditors in Red China they need not worry about our indebtedness, because our government will exercise its right of eminent domain to seize private assets to satisfy foreign debts.

Deliberately adopting the spend thrift Depression era policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, knowing they will exacerbate the crisis.

Deliberate aggravation of the electorate, triggering revolt - and imposition of martial law.

Exacerbating crises and chaos in order to make changes not otherwise achievable.

Beware the cool and flamboyant benevolent dictator! Selfish politicians are pushing our country into quicksand - cruelly water boarding us into conceding that the future is irretrievably desolate. This new administration and the Congress are becoming characterized by deceit, false promises, misleading reports, individual income tax evasion, secrecy, and censorship.

Only an informed electorate totally committed to support and defense of the Constitution can preserve our republic now. The Tenth Amendment should be our touchstone.

Francis Baker
POMIL Research Analyst.


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Anonymous JMB said...

I took the time to read several of your Blogs posts, Damn good job!
Keep the faith my fellow patriot our Republic can and will respond.

12:36 PM  

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