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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer and Democrat Values

Nearly 24 hours have passed since Gov. Spitzer announced he had been caught frequenting prostitutes. I have yet to hear a Democrat or liberal condemn what he has done or call for him to resign. On the contrary. There are many who are lamenting his tragic foolishness and some who are defending the institution of prostitution as if it's getting some kind of moral bad rap it doesn't deserve.

After the last presidential election the Democrats made all kinds of noise about how they were also a party of values. They were trying to capture some of the values voters that tipped the scale for George Bush by trying to impress them God talk and other such nonsense.

Gov. Spitzer has delivered the Democrats a fine opportunity to jump on the values band wagon. He is well known for being arrogant and sanctimonious. Now that his hypocrisy has been unmasked hardly a soul would think it mean to pile on and push him over the side politically. Yet there are no Democrats or liberals who can be heard calling for him to step down. No feminists calling him a pig. No liberal ministers calling for him to do the right thing. No reporters hounding his spokesmen for any word on when he will step down. No liberal politicians calling for an investigation into possible ties to organized crime. No presidential candidates condemning government corruption in spite of having made the claims they will clean it up if elected. No understanding that there is value to protecting the institution of marriage because there is no understanding by these people of why it has value.

Their silence speaks volumes.


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