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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Arizona Hispanics Help Pass Anti Illegal Immigration Laws

Arizona voters passed all four of the anti illegal immigration propositions on the ballot in the last election.

Proposition 100 denies bail to illegal immigrants who commit a felony in Arizona; Proposition 102 denies punitive damages in lawsuits brought by illegal aliens against citizens; Proposition 103 makes English the official language of Arizona;...
Proposition 300 denies state tuition and childcare benefits to illegal immigrants

For those whose reason is not clouded by leftist nonsense these are measures that should not have required a ballot initiative. Common sense should be sufficient to inform our political leaders that a person who breaks the law to come into this country does not qualify for any of the benefits that citizens and legal aliens enjoy by right. One clue that this is a simple principle is the 40% support these propositions received from the Hispanic citizens of Arizona.

In several different surveys, pollsters found that many Hispanics in Arizona continued a trend of voting in favor of anti illegal immigration measures.

Rod Fernandez, 44, said he voted for all four of the anti-illegal immigration propositions partly because he deals every day with the headaches of illegal immigration....

... "I'm not against Hispanics from Mexico," he said. "I'm against them coming out here and getting all the benefits I have that I'm entitled to because I'm a taxpayer."

This simple logic is lost on the illegal immigration activists. They like to claim anyone wishing to see the law enforced to stop illegal immigration is anti immigrant, racist or nativist when in fact there is nothing incompatible with being opposed to illegal immigration and being in favor of immigration. They feel that anyone should be free to enjoy the benefits and privileges of America without restriction. I don't necessarily disagree except there is a process that is required to help screen out the scum and it needs to be adhered to. If they so admire the American way of life that they wish to see everyone free to enjoy it, perhaps they would better serve those they represent by bringing our system to the countries that people are fleeing fromto come here.


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