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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Welcome to My Nightmare

One hour and I can say I made it through today. This morning as I was dressing I saw a skunk coming across the neighbor's field. I watched it to see if might come into the fenced part around the house where the dogs are. We had one get skunked about two years ago and it took for ever before she stopped stinking. It meandered off into the woods so I went on down stairs and got breakfast. I found a good story to blog about but while preparing to write I looked out to see the dogs barking at the skunk who had circled around to the barn. Rats! Just what I need two skunked dogs just two days after we put the farm on the market.

I ran out yelling at the dog to get away hoping that I would not have to get any closer to no avail. Finally in desperation I charged at the dogs yelling at them and they backed off just enough for me to see that the skunk was mauling a cat. Great a rabid skunk! My wife heard the commotion and brought me a gun. Carefully trying not to kill the cat. I managed to whack the skunk without whacking the cat. Bagged him and dragged him for the animal control to pick up, stuffed the cat in a carrier and off to the vet. One less cat in the world.

We picked up the car from the shop and I went home to bury the cat. The stench from the skunk was by now turning my stomach pretty bad but no time for that. While I'm walking back from the grave detail I see the dogs have breached the fence. Grab the bad one and drag them back to the house. He horses are crazy from the upheaval in the normal routine and feeding time is a chore. Finally it's off to the hospital for the rabies shots. Yeah! Missed two opportunities to total the car on the way because of deer running out into the road. Two hours and six shots in the butt later for both of us and three opportunities to total the car on the way home and it's 11:00 PM. By the grace of God all is quiet. My wife's sore butt has to drive six hours tomorrow but that's another day.




Blogger f mcdonald said...

Reading your blog is better than going to the movies!

6:43 PM  
Blogger Xyba said...

When we missed the first deer my wife said how it would just be our luck to be injured just enough that we couldn't tell them where we were going and why. Then when we finally could speak it would be too late to get the rabies shots.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous PHenry said...

And I thought battling traffic sucked!

8:25 PM  

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