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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Winchester's Champion

It's rare indeed to receive a response from a subject in a blog post. Today I got this e-mail from the man I wrote about back in June who was organizing the effort to find a buyer for the Winchester Arms Co..


In looking back at this year and the things I am thankful for, I have to say the chance to save Winchester is foremost among them. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to accomplish this task. In reviewing the effort today, it looks like you wrote a blog about it. While I wasn't able to access the blog, I just wanted to say thank you for helping to spread the word.

Thanks again,


Michael H Blank

President & CEO

MHB Enterprises



118 N. 2nd Street, 208

Saint Charles, MO 63301

I don't know how many blogs posted in that story, I' sure it was quite a few. For him to bother acknowledge even one as small as mine merits a post of its own.


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