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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gen. Abizaid Hands Sen. Levin the Keys

Gen. John Abizaid spoke to the Senate Armed Services Committee today and spelled out the need for the US to not get tied down to some timetable for withdrawal. As can be expected no one on the other side of the room was listening. Like children, the Senators were only waiting to hear what they wanted. Unfortunately the General gave Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich what he wanted.

Pressed by Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., on how much time the U.S. and Iraqi government have to reduce the violence in Baghdad before it spirals beyond control, Abizaid said, "Four to six months."

From now until it happens the 4-6 months mantra will be all we hear from the Democrats and RINOs such as Sen. John Warner, R-VA. They will claim that any violence in Iraq after March 2007 is a sign that we have failed and we must leave. This is how they pulled the rug out from under the South Vietnamese. Constantly accelerating the time of withdrawal with all kinds of promises of help in the future if needed, only to turn away when that help is called on. Giving the likes of Carl Levin a quote from a General that we must "reduce the violence in Baghdad" in "Four to six months." is the nail in the coffin


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