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Monday, November 13, 2006

Pelosi Bait and Switch

How many of you voted for a "moderate Democrat" and are shocked that Nancy Pelosi and her leftist friends have no intention of rewarding moderates with any leadership positions? The left has a long history of the bait and switch. The most egregious example in recent history is the election of Hugo Chavez as President of Venezuela. He had a clear past as a Communist, yet convinced the electorate that he had changed only to begin the destruction of any opposition parties to consolidate his power before nationalizing the oil industry. Nancy went into hiding during the election so the moderate candidates would not be tainted by her San Francisco kook leftism. Now that the strategy has worked to give her the position of power she was seeking, the moderates are all just brushed aside.

As with Vietnam the left has pressed for an agreement to begin troop withdrawals with all the assurances that the security of Iraq and the stability of its government will be taken into consideration. All that is coming out to be the bunk that it is. They are already pressing for time tables while any concession will only embolden them to call for the acceleration of any withdrawal. Just witness the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group to engage Syria and Iran to help solve the Iraq problem. One might as well ask the Mexicans to help with the illegal immigrant problem. They can't possibly believe that the countries that are feeding the insurgency will not do to Iraq as Syria did to Lebanon? Well that may be a stupid question.


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Anonymous brokengun said...

The left is nothing more than a bunch of nancies, especially that lace panty Jenghiz John (Kerry).
Their hero worship of tyrants, statists, and socio-communists, is appalling, and frightening.
They demand full civil-rights for every low-life terrorist, while some of the same bunch said nothing on behalf of the Branch Davidians, Randy Weaver, or Elian Gonzales.
Walter Williams wrote years ago a piece entitled, "Is it Time to Part Ways?". At the time I thought not, but I am reconsidering my opinion.

10:17 PM  

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