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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Republicans Signal the End to Border Security

Who an organization chooses as its leader says volumes about that group's goals and the philosophy behind them. After the electoral spanking received by the Republican Party one could assume the choice of chairman of the Republican National Committee has been carefully considered. In light of this I am disturbed by the choice of Sen. Mel Martinez. By elevating him to the chairmanship the Party is demonstrating its preference for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Now there are some who say it was because of the immigration issue that Republicans lost. I happen to believe that is true except not for the reason that the pundits claim. It was not that Republicans were in favor of controlling illegal immigration that people did not support their reelection. If that were so the Republican congress and President would have to have done something about it. It was because all we received from them was lip service that the issue was held against them. To consolidate the loss of support the Party has placed a pro illegal immigrant amnesty Senator in charge of the Party.

I was once an active member of the Republican Party. Not just a card carrying voter, but directly involved in campaigns. I Left because it became nearly impossible to find a candidate that actually believed in something much less was conservative. I see that things have changed somewhat. They are putting up people who believe nonsense such as Sen. Martinez.

We have a choice between two parties, one is a bunch of leftist kooks, the other weak kneed liberals pretending to be conservative. Where are the true libertarians? Not the goofy anarchists that are called the Libertarian Party, but people who believe that freedom and liberty include the responsibility that comes from personal choice. That properly tempered by simple laws individuals will use such liberty to create a dynamic society, but picking the people's pockets to give their wealth to others who did not earn it is theft plain and simple.

I could go on but you probably get my drift. The existing parties are running us into self-destruct mode.


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Anonymous PHenry said...

The Republicans are joining in the race to buy the votes of these millions of trespassers. It will dilute the value American citizenship by the implication that if you just sneak in and hang around long enough, you will be made a citizen.
Hell, there are plenty on the left and in the world at large that think anyone in the world is INHERENTLY an American citizen, due the same rights and the same benefits.
Of course, they also should have the right to make those of us already citizens pay for most of it.

Just an aside, raising the minimum raise is a HUGE help to the illegal immigration movement. They will work for far less.
How cynically the Left portrays that as a move to help the poorest of Americans.
What it will do is put LOTS of the poorest Americans out of work. To jobs filled for half the price to some very obediant fringe class of workers, the illegals.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Van Helsing said...

Dems got the pro-illegal immigration vote, because everyone knows they are in favor of anything that will leave us with more poor people dependent on government programs. But Republicans did not get enthusiastic support from the majority of Americans who oppose illegal immigration, because they have yet to take a meaningful stand on the issue.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Old 'n Cranky said...

>>impossible to find a candidate that actually believed in something >>

Most of the ones I've met fervently believe in themselves.... doesnt that count?

3:25 PM  
Anonymous brokengun said...

The new Republican leadership seems to think that the mistake, which cost so many seats, was too much talk of securing the border.
I agree, but with a different conclusion. Yes there was too much talk, and not enough action.
They've got their heads up the lower end of the chamber of commerce's alimentry canal.

10:03 PM  

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