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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Terrorists Have Won

The Left has succeeded in doing to Iraq as it did to South Vietnam. Obsessing over body counts and ignoring the victories they carped about turning over the county's defense to the domestic government forces before they were ready. Sound familiar already? We pulled our troops out with a promise to resume air support and return if necessary if the North Vietnamese did not honor the treaty. The North never made any attempt to fulfill its half of the treaty yet we did nothing and let the country fall with devastating results to the whole region. Having learned this the terrorists have played the Left like a fiddle and won. The difference is the whole world will suffer for it.

In the meantime we can all kiss border security good by. The liberals will sell our sovereignty off to the UN or some other international organization and the Southwest will be fully colonized by Mexico. Yeah, the Republicans and the President had a chance to do something about it but didn't.. Just like they had an opportunity to put decent judges into our legal system but didn't. It didn't happen because the President is so lame on the border and so many RINOs had been let in that they couldn't stand up to the Democrat obstructions of judicial nominations. Just dealing with the border would have been sufficient to brush the Democrats aside but the temptation to buy votes was too great..

The political leadership of this nation on all sides ranges from uninspired to less than useless. Not a single issue of importance was debated. Sure there was the Iraq war clicheés batted about but even that was juvenile and inept. I signed on as a Blogger for Allen, but found no issue to get behind. Unless a new crop of politicians come up that understand and believe in the principles that made this a great nation we will descend into being a warmer version of Canada. Next year I'll probably have to post in both English and Spanish. That is if we aren't blown up by then.

Rick Moran over at the Right Wing Nuthouse is a bit more optimistic. While Kim Priestap at Wizbang is not.

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Anonymous brokengun said...

Universal suffrage is a dangerous thing. Woman in front of me in line at the polls Tuesday asked an election officer, "Which one of these is the Democrat?". How I wish she'd asked me so I could have informed her it was the yeller dawg. It is powerfully frustrating to realize that my informed vote was cancelled out by one made in total ignorance.
There was a very good reason why the founders limited the franchise.

6:59 PM  
Blogger Xyba said...

Don't be so surprised. Most people equate the memorizing of clichés with actual critical thought. That is why so much effort is devoted to sloganeering. Boil the message down to a catchy jiggle and you will gather a following.

10:38 PM  

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