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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Project Hero

QandO has the next Silver Star recipient tribute up on their site.

Our hero this week is ILT Thomas E. Cogan, Silver Star

On April 6, 2004, 2nd Platoon was ambushed by enemy forces while moving to reinforce a heavily engaged unit. With total disregard for his personal safety, Cogan led his platoon across a fire-swept field and directed fire. Though caught in the crossfire, he exposed himself to direct fire in order to cross an open field and position himself to direct fires on the enemy. His actions enabled the company command element to move to safety. After consolidating his platoon, Cogan led his men through a fierce, three-hour, house-to-house assault that destroyed remaining enemy forces in his zone of action.

Blackman spoke to the Marines attending the ceremony about the award, hailing Cogan's deeds on the battlefield as great leadership under fire.

"Lieutenant Cogan displayed great tactical skill in a combat environment, leading his Marines and pursuing the enemy," Blackman said.

Cogan also spoke, giving a few short and humble words about his accomplishment, thanking those in attendance for their presence, but mostly attributing the award to his Marines who where involved in the action.



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