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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Michigan Governor Agrees to Abortion Regulation

Michigan's pro-life legislature made a compromise with the state's pro abortion Governor to get her to sign a law that would offer a woman seeking an abortion the opportunity to see an ultrasound of her baby before making her final decision to abort it. Doctors would be required to make the ultrasound and then offer it. The current law requires each woman be offered the option of seeing a drawing of the developing fetus.

Gov. Jennifer Granholmwill sign into law a bill requiring Michigan abortion providers to give a pregnant woman the option of viewing ultrasound images of her fetus before performing an abortion, according to her spokeswoman.

It would mark the first time Granholm has agreed with the Legislature's anti-abortion majority on a measure to regulate the procedure. The bill, which moved quietly through the Legislature, is an expansion of the state's so-called informed consent law.

Gov. Granholm is one of those politicians who favors unrestricted abortion while also claiming to be Catholic. Her veto of a bill restricting partial birth abortion was overridden, but now faces a court challenge. The ACLU has chosen not to challenge the ultrasound bill despite their anxiety over what it calls "small, incremental steps... all designed to put up barriers". The complaints of the pro abortion supporters over offering woman information before they take a decision puts the lie to their claims to be pro choice.



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