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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mexican 'FBI' Investigates 1/5 of Agents

Mexico created an elite force of federal agents modeled on the FBI four years ago, but now one in five members of the agency is under investigation for committing crimes, the attorney general's office said on Sunday.

In a report obtained by Reuters, the attorney general's office said 1,493 members of the Federal Investigation Agency, or AFI, are under investigation "for probably committing crimes," and 457 of those currently face prosecution. The AFI employees about 7,000 agents.

Probably committing crimes such as the guys mentioned below:

The agency became the center of a scandal this week after the attorney general's office said it had charged eight agents in the kidnapping of four presumed drug hit men and the videotaped killing of at least one of them.

Well it's a good thing they got these guys. We can rest easy. Oh but wait.

Five of the agents implicated in the case, which has shocked crime-hardened Mexico, were released by a judge for lack of evidence. Mexico is seeking their recapture. Three other agents wanted for the crime are on the run.
Let me see, arrested 8, let 5 go, 3 others on the run. 5+3=8 nice job.

Do they have the same judicial system we do? They couldn't have crossed our border do ya think?

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