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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Constitution and Old Ironsides

It was altogether fitting that among the tea party protests mounted across the country yesterday, one was held at Boston. - Fitting not just because that was the location of the first one many years ago, but also because a United States warship was built there in 1797, a 44-gun frigate christened the US CONSTITUTION, one of the first six warships provided by the Congress. Under full sail, she was a mighty fighting ship to behold.

The CONSTITUTION was well built, well manned and well skippered, such that she spent more time at sea and won more victories than any other US warship of its time. Yet, she came through her many battles with so little damage to her hull that she was nicknamed, "Old Ironsides."

In 1830, the Navy decided to demolish the CONSTITUTION. But, when the American people learned of the Navy plans, they were outraged. And Oliver Wendell Holmes on September 16, 1830 published his poem, "Old Ironsides."

"Ay, tear her tattered ensign down!" he wrote.
"Long has it waved on high,
And many an eye has danced to see
That banner in the sky;"

* * * *
"Her deck, once red with heroes' blood,"

* * * * "

In the context of current counter-piracy operations involving the US Navy, it is significant that the CONSTITUTION was Commodore Preble's flagship in the war with Tripoli; and one of her captains was William Bainbridge, whose name is carried by the US destroyer that responded to the capture of the American commercial cargo ship, MAERSK ALABAMA in April of 2009.

Now, just as it was important to preserve the grand old warship CONSTITUTION in 1830, it is extremely important today that we revoke the unauthorized changes made to our sacred governing Constitution by the Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, George Bush and Barack Obama administrations.

Following are examples of the damaging blows suffered by the Constitution.

Massive contorted use of the commerce clause by FDR.
Annulment of property rights in 2005 by the New London, Connecticut city government.
Mr Obama violating separation of powers by authorizing funding of embrionic stem cell research, and establishing a 250,000-member uniformed national security force.
Mr Bush and Mr Obama nationalizing financial and auto industries.
Mr Obama and Congress requiring the states to accept "stimulus" payments from the federal government.
The Obama executive branch attacking a private citizen, Rush Limbaugh for his expression of political views.
The 111th Congress in early 2009 crafting punitive legislation with a bill of attainder aimed at individual corporate executive officers.
Mr Obama issuing to police chiefs and sheriffs nationwide a Department of Homeland Security intelligence report labelling as potential terrorists returning combat veterans, anti-abortionists and anti-illegal aliens.
Mr Obama asserting his post-national, global views, at the expense of United States sovereignty.

Our precious Constitution: "Tear her tattered ensign [Old Glory] down?" NEVER!!

Rather, let us patch the gaping holes and remove the destabilizing superstructure erected by traitors and greedy politicians.

Francis Baker
POMIL Research Analyst


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The GPO and YMCA buildings in Lahore commemorated the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria, an event marked by the construction of clock towers and monuments all over British India. Other important British buildings included the High Court, the Government College University, the museums, the National College of Arts, Montgomery Hall, Tollinton Market, the University of the Punjab (Old Campus) and the Provincial Assembly. Even today, Mall Road retains a variety of Gothic and Victorian style buildings built during the British Raj. At one end of The Mall stands the university, one of the most prestigious in Pakistan.


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The UK, along with Russia, France and (after 1917) the USA, was one of the major powers opposing the German Empire and its allies in World War I (1914–18).[80] The UK armed forces grew to over five million people[81] engaged across much of its empire and several regions of Europe, and increasingly took a major role on the Western front. The nation suffered some two and a half million casualties and finished the war with a huge national business law attorneys

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The main military organizations involved in the war were, on one side, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) and the U.S. military, and, on the other side, the Vietnam People's Army (VPA) (also known as the North Vietnamese Army, or NVA), and the Viet Cong, or National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NLF), a South Vietnamese communist guerrilla force.
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The Viet Minh was founded as a league for independence from France, but also opposed Japanese occupation in 1945 for the same reason. The U.S. and Chinese Nationalist Party supported them in the fight against the Japanese.[45] However, they did not have enough power to fight actual battles at first. Viet Minh leader Ho Chi Minh was suspected of being a communist and jailed for a year by the Chinese Nationalist Party.
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PRC military advisors began assisting the Viet Minh in July 1950.[66] PRC weapons, expertise, and laborers transformed the Viet Minh from a guerrilla force into a regular army.[67] In September 1950, the United States created a Military Assistance and Advisory Group (MAAG) to screen French requests for aid, advise on strategy, and train Vietnamese soldiers.[68] By 1954, the United States had supplied 300,000 small arms and spent US$1 billion in support of the French military effort, shouldering 80 percent of the cost of the war.
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Glaven valley. It was dug in the late eighteenth century for ornamental purposes. In the late nineteenth century an ‘extravaganza’ tunnel was built into the valley side so that the Glaven could be partly diverted around the lake. This tunnel remains operational.
Together the mills and on-stream lakes give the river a ‘stepped’ profile with, slower flowing ‘ponded’ sections upstream of these structures. Lower down the river at Glandford the river also pools just above the mill, a popular spot for the public.
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