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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Anti Tea Party Campaign Has Begun

It appears someone of means is working to sabotage the Tea Party Movement. I got this message from Eric McGrane Of the Richmond Tea Party.

There is a robo-call telephone campaign being waged against the tea party event that is misinforming the public as to the correct date/time for the event.

Please be aware that the event is **STILL** being held on April 15th @ 6:00 at Kanawha Plaza in downtown Richmond.

Please check with any others that you know are attending to be sure that they still have the correct date/time.

I assume our event is being viewed as a threat, because we're now seeing dirty tricks being waged against our efforts. Fight on!

The powers that be would like nothing better than this movement to fizzle out and go away. What they fear most is an open discussion of what is happening and what the goal of those in government is. The nature of government is tyranny, the goal of politicians is power, the obstacle of these is an informed and engaged citizenry. These events are the beginning of our effort to bring our government back into the boundaries of our constitution. If this movement can be nipped in the bud the tyrants will have won. I for one will not go away.


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