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Monday, March 02, 2009

Don't Feed the Beast

What does government do for us? How many have suffered from frauds and cheats only to find the courts uninterested in helping bring justice. Even if one does hire a lawyer and prevail in court the court does not make them pay. One still has to, at one's own expense, seek to force the criminal to pay up.

Are there gangs in the neighborhood or drug dealers? Don't expect the police to help. They are too busy writing tickets to help bring in more revenue to the government.

Or what about the citizen who defends his home against criminal invasion. Isn't he then exposed to charges also?

Do we own our property? The tax levied against it says no. Try and not pay it and the government will take your property away. We are renting from the government, our land lord.

How many have sent their children to private school or are home schooling because the public schools are either useless or dangerous, yet one still must pay for the public school. One can send one's children to an out of state collage and pay dearly but illegal immigrants get in state discounts.

The hospitals are full of illegal immigrants who don't pay so the hospitals drive up the costs to the citizen who supports those hospitals and clinics with his tax dollars.

All the while government at all levels is going broke while it builds lavish offices, coddles surly bureaucrats, builds stadiums for sports teams whose ticket prices are too high for regular people to afford and the politicians seek new and elaborate means to tax every activity. They are now looking to legalize drugs and prostitution simply to have something new to tax.

There really is only one solution. Stop Feeding the Beast!

Money is the only language government speaks. It is a beast however; when it gets hungry it will get angry if its food is withheld. We must accept that we will suffer if we stop feeding the beast. We will suffer anyway whether we do so or not. If we were to just start with not paying our personal property taxes it would bring government to its knees. There is no level of government that is not bankrupt. If local government is choked out the others will falter. If local government is beaten people will be emboldened to take on the rest.

Stop Feeding the Beast!


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