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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Holbrooke, Clueless Now as Ever

The only remarkable thing to Richard Holbrooke's piece in the Washington Post is his unremitting adherence to the "solutions" to international turmoil that were so useless in the cold war and led to our betrayal of South Vietnam to the communists. His warning of a chain reaction (domino effect) resulting from our support of Israel's invasion of Lebanon is way behind the curve. The Moslem world has and will continue to look to the destruction of the west as their ultimate goal. The reaction is not to the involvement of the US and Israel but to the past success in attacking us without any real response until 9/11. He worries over the support Hezbollah is getting from the moderate Arab nations as if this is any surprise. The surprise has been that there was any criticism from those nations at all.

He still believes that we can somehow evade the world jihad that started in 1979. He is surprised by the lack of diplomatic engagement by the US during the past five years while the Europeans, the Chinese and the United Nations tried to work out a solution. Well Mr. Holbrooke, Isn't that what the UN is supposed to do? The world has swept the Iranian problem under the rug for 20 years because people like you were in the UN doing nothing. News flash! The peace process started when we invaded Afghanistan and has received a big boost from Israel's entrance into the fray. .

Trying to make a correlation of the war in Iraq and the events leading to W.W.I has some validity except that he sees the events leading us to our peasant situation completely backwards.

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Anonymous brokengun said...

Why is it that well educated leftists can't understand that negotiation requires give and take? The Jihadists want from us something that a portion of which we can not give. They want us dead or subjugated.
They consider us the infidel, and as such we must be destroyed. If tonight all the Israelis walked west until they disappeared under the Med, and the US provided Iran with nuclear missiles, we would still be the infidel.
We are fighting neither nation nor ideology. We are fighting a theology. These guys wont be TALKED into comprimising their beliefs. They're not Episcopaleans. I reckon my thinking is kinda crude, but this is kill or be killed.
Maybe we need to tell the Libs that these guys are against Plan B.

11:06 PM  

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