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Friday, May 26, 2006

Immigration Bill Puts Illegals Before Citizens

The US Senate has worked very hard to produce a comprehensive immigration bill that could best be described as counter productive. Months of work and hours of debate resulting in six hundred pages of law that gives us less than we already have. The average person could screw up and do a better job than these clowns did working hard.

What is most objectionable about this bill is the disdain our Senators have for citizens of this country. They have written into this law benefits and protections for people who violated the law to come into our country that citizens do not enjoy. Yet advocates what more.

Some of the most egregious discrepancies are in the employment benefits and protections. The bill forces employers to pay a Davis-Bacon "prevailing wage". In other words union wage scale. In a Right to Work state such as Virginia, citizens could be paid less than illegal immigrants. The illegal immigrant would be paid union wages without being a member of a union. While the illegal is getting an inflated wage he also enjoys better job security than the citizen. Temporary guest workers cannot be fired except for just cause, whatever that may entail, the citizen can be fired for any reason except discrimination. If there is a dispute between a illegal immigrant and his employer, the taxpayer must pay for the illegal's legal costs.

Regarding free legal counsel, the AgJOBS amendment goes further than paying for arbitrators, it also provides free legal counsel to illegal aliens who want to receive this amnesty. The AgJOBS amendment specifically states that recipients of "funds under the Legal Services Corporation Act" shall not be prevented "from providing legal assistance directly related to an application for adjustment of status under this section." Interestingly, page 414 of the bill requires the alien to have an attorney file the application for him. Not only will AgJOBS give amnesty to 1.5 million illegal aliens, it would have the American taxpayer pay the legal bills of those illegal aliens. This is unbelievable and unacceptable. We should not be rewarding illegal aliens who break our laws with free legal counsel and a direct path to citizenship.

The Temporary Guest Worker provision is deceptive in its title because the bill gives "Temporary Workers" permanent green cards after four years. To satisfy the requirement to claim work for a year the illegal need only work 40 days in that year. To qualify for working a day the illegal would need only to work one hour of that day. The standard for proof of employment is a joke since the illegal need only swear he was working.

There are a myriad of harmful provisions in the Senate bill. The bottom line is this has nothing to do with illegal immigration except the Republicans found when they took the majority that
the vote buying schemes that attract citizen votes have already been passed. Some of those schemes such as Social Security and Medicare are on the verge of bankruptcy. The democrats bought the incompetent, incarcerated and interred leaving only the illegal up for grabs. So the good Senators have to chase after illegal immigrants as the new voting block that can sustain their grasp on power.

Granted this bill must go to conference committee to hammer out the differences between it and the House version. Whatever they toss up we could do just fine if this whole mess was stuck in the dumpster and the current law vigorously enforced. What a concept.



Anonymous brokengun said...

All animals are created equal; some animals are more equal than others.
You runnin' against Warner, or must I? Who knows, by the time JW comes up for re-election, the illegals may be the only ones allowed to vote.

7:12 PM  

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