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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Forty Day ‘Pray for Iran’ Campaign.

Today is the first day of the ‘Pray for Iran’ Campaign.

Over the next forty days we want to intercede for Iran and ask the Lord to demonstrate His grace and mercy - remembering that He loves Iran and her 70 million people. Each day we will send you prayer requests for specific issues relating to the nation or the church in Iran.

Today, however, we want to begin with a general cry out to the Lord on behalf of Iran. Join Christians around the world today in praying:

* That God will hear the cry of the oppressed and the anguish of the afflicted, and see the rampant injustice and the threat of the ungodly.
* That God, in His mercy, will visit this ancient land bringing healing, understanding of truth and radical transformation. Let us plead that His grace and love will bring about a true spiritual revival within the nation.
* That God will raise righteous leaders who would fear and honour the God of Daniel, and who will also honour the sanctity of human life and human freedom.

We encourage you to view the slide show on the website as you pray. The pictures of Iran and the Persian worship music will help you intercede for the country. Click the link below to view slide show.

Thank you so much for praying.


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