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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ukraine Hospital in Stem Cell Probe

In August of 2005 the BBC reported that an investigation was launched into allegations that a maternity hospital in Ukraine was stealing new born babies, possibly for research. Today a report comes from BBC that there is credible evidence that such a situation has occurred and the babies were used for stem cells and organs.

Even the BBC acknowledges that fetal stem cell claims are unproven but that is not stopping what has become a flourishing market for human babies.

Disturbing video footage of post-mortem examinations on dismembered tiny bodies raises serious questions about what happened to them.

Ukraine has become the self-styled stem cell capital of the world.

There is a trade in stem cells from aborted foetuses, amid unproven claims they can help fight many diseases.

But now there are claims that stem cells are also being harvested from live babies.

The abortion industry has perpetuated the myth that fetal stem cells hold the key to curing various diseases to help justify legal abortion. With celebrities such as Michael J. Fox making public advertisements supporting the concept it has become the populist's cause to allocate public funds for the research. Such research is not financed by the private sector because it has yet to show any value. Couple large government grants with a reliance on ethics rather than morals and this is what happens.

In its report, the Council describes a general culture of trafficking of children snatched at birth, and a wall of silence from hospital staff upwards over their fate.

The pictures show organs, including brains, have been stripped - and some bodies dismembered.

A senior British forensic pathologist says he is very concerned to see bodies in pieces - as that is not standard post-mortem practice.

It could possibly be a result of harvesting stem cells from bone marrow.

Ancient people sacrificed their children to idols to gain a favorable outcome for their endeavors. How it this any different?


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