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Monday, August 14, 2006

Vampirism Alive and Well

In a culture that values style over substance can it be far fetched to find people willing to pay to have treatments to restore their youthful appearance that involves the injection or application of human tissue harvested from aborted babies? This article by Alisa Craddock claims that such a practice is already available and quit lucrative for its practitioners.

Though the stories about Countess Báthory concerning her horrendous torture and murder of women are not the least exaggerated (and her status as a noblewoman made her virtually untouchable at the time), there is, in fact, no testimony on record of her actually bathing in the blood of young girls as an antidote to aging.

The same cannot be said of the grisly practice of using aborted fetuses to provide tissue and stem cells for beauty treatments at exclusive clinics around the world. In select countries where there is less regulation, such as Russia, Barbados, the Dominican Republic, and, of course, Rotterdam in ever-progressive Holland, upper-class women arrange through their beauty consultants to travel abroad for these chic and expensive treatments.

This is goulish enough but there is more. There has been a practice by Female athletes to get pregnant before a big competition then aborting the child before hand so as to gain the strength benefits of the hormonal change.

This is not the only selfish use of a terminated pregnancy that I've heard of that repelled me with its ghoulish audacity. I learned a few years ago about the practice of female athletes becoming pregnant before competing in Olympic games and then aborting before they compete so that they could reap the benefit of the increased strength and stamina the hormonal changes bring on during pregnancy going into the competition. Reportedly, as far back as the 1970's, according to one Russian athlete, Soviet competitors as young as 14 were ordered to have relations with their coaches to become pregnant, and then abort right before they competed. The practice has also been reported in the U.S. and is considered a form of blood doping, which is illegal. But it is hard to prove or to track. One wonders, though, at the callousness and moral detachment of someone who would conceive a human being for the express purpose of using it then aborting it to win a competition. And some people call the fetus a parasite. Who's the parasite now?

It is this same self centered outlook on life that is making our fight to defeat Islamo Fascism so complicated. The faction that wants all the personal rights without any responsibility can't grasp the concept of self sacrifice necessary for success against such an enemy. The very decadence that the Islamists use as their excuse to conquer us is also the weak link in our ability to defeat them. Those willing to sacrifice others for their own benefit won't answer the call to give of themselves for the defense of Western Civilization, but then maybe Western Civilization has already been defeated by the barbarians.

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Blogger f mcdonald said...

Well said,Xyba. I wasn't aware of the athletic boost via pregnancy and abortion. Horrible.

5:22 PM  

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