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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What is Wrong With This Picture at the World Cup

The international soccer association FIFA has little problem with the overwhelming demand on the part of those attending for the services of prostitutes and the likelihood of the use of "slaves" from that purpose.

BERLIN: With the World Cup on, sex workers in Berlin have gone into extra time and are doing double shifts to cash in on the mega event.

"Berlin's hookers are groaningâ€"all brothels are creaking at the seams," the daily Bild reported. "In some establishments, the girls already have to put in double shifts owing to the World Cup," the paper added, saying clients were virtually queuing up to get into the host nation's 'freudenhauser' (literally, joy houses).

One taxi driver was quoted as saying that at least four of the customers he had taken to the capital's red light district, which has some 8,000 prostitutes, were sent back. "They were turned away as the places were full," he said. ...

... In the run-up to the event, international organisations and foreign governments had warned that women were being forced to travel to Germany to serve as prostitutes for an army of football fans and up to 40,000 women could be abused.

Yet they are so acutely aware of the possibility that one may be offended by the presence of chapels in the stadiums that they have seen fit to close them.

BERLIN (ANS) -- The international soccer association FIFA has closed and sealed the chapels in two world cup venues. The Olympic stadium in Berlin and the arena "Auf Schalke" in Gelsenkirchen are the only soccer venues with chapels in Germany.

According to Bernhard Felmberg, sports liaison officer of the Protestant Church in Berlin-Brandenburg, FIFA gives two reasons for the closures: security concerns and respect for adherents of non-Christian religions.

The problem they have is they're the ones who are offended by the chance that the chapels will be used, because they would have to acknowledge people who do not practice vise, thus pricking the conscience they so much wish to ignore.


Anonymous PHenry said...

They're just afraid the chapels may cut back on the profit from the 'sex industry'.

1:50 PM  

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