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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cannon Wins in Utah

Bad news on the Illegal immigrant amnesty front. In Utah where a primary challenger was running against an amnesty supporting Republican incumbent, the incumbent won.

Rep. Chris Cannon -- with considerable help from President Bush -- easily turned back a primary assault yesterday aimed almost entirely at his stance on immigration.

For months, the five-term conservative Republican representing the state's 3rd District has been accused of supporting amnesty for illegal aliens by land developer John Jacob and others outside Utah who support tougher immigration laws.

Mr. Cannon maintains that he supports no such thing. Rather, he said, he wants to secure the border and at the same time allow the 12 million illegal aliens already here to enroll in a guest-worker program.

I don't know anything about his challenger, he could have been a week candidate. Temper this with Arlen Spector's comments that he would consider an enforcement first bill. The only problem with that apple is the guest worker poison it is laced with.




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