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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First Amendment More Sacred for Some Than Others

I don't get the whole hand wringing thing over the freedom of the press as it relates to the latest perfidy down at the New York Times. By the opinions being expressed even by those that are appalled by the printing of classified programs, one gets the impression that the freedom of the press is absolute. The first amendment guarantees freedoms other than just that of the press, but all of those have restrictions on them. Just try to express one's religion whenever one chooses and one will find all manner of trouble. Speak freely about the actions of others and one may suffer a liable suit or be charged with a hate crime. Oh but print classified material and no one shows up to charge treason because the press must be free. Now would be a good time to establish a reasonable limit on the sacred press freedoms that are being used as cover for damaging the interests of our nation..


Anonymous brokengun said...

Stack the voting records of the House and Senate on flag desectration as freedom of speech, against the obvious violation of the First Amendment which we know as Campaign Finance Reform. What a bunch of bloody hypocrites.

9:08 PM  

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